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As for CUSTOM work ....

Many items can be purchased ready-made. Available inventory is then only subject to availability upon wholesalers. Although that was limited the last period, by buying larger amounts we can avoid problems pretty good.

A large number of articles we pack into smaller packs, because the standard packs a too big for the average customer/user. Although it costs quite a lot of time, by buying large amounts we can also work out good stocks for these products.

The above articles are not concidered customization.

However, a small number of articles is not delivered by any wholesaler. Because we find it indispensable products, we offer them, but they must be made by hand depending on orders! So... CUSTOMIZATION.

It concerns here:
-pre-cut shapes such as squares, rectangles in all kinds of colors. These are still pretty quick to produce and backorders won't take too long , if it's can't be included in the order directly.
-pre-cut shapes diamonds in all kinds of colors. This requires more prepraring to run the cutting work. Backorder can therefore last longer and the duration depends on the available working time!
-Frits (crushed glass) in all kinds of colors; a very labour intensive process: glass should be cleaned, crushed, (the glorified screw pump-work) sieved out and weighed. Average there cannot be made more than 12 bags per hour, which makes it not only time consuming, but also expensive.

Forward work is not possible, because it's not to predict what and how much of a particular article could/will be ordered. In addition, it is not possible to create sufficient storage; It concerns about 50 articles in over 40 colors available. That alone costs more than 2,000 storage compartments.

Any alternative is: supply afterwards if there is insufficient time to deliver.
Delivering afterwards can therefore take some time; especially with the very labour-intensive Baoli frits. In case you're a hurry or don't want to wait, don't order them or inquire about to the maximum delivery time to determine if ordering is usefull.