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To enable you to have a quick look at all kinds of info and get an impression of the supplies, we seperated our webshop from our studio and shop and created a separated www location for both. 

The website of the studio and shop is (as it was)
By clicking on the link you'll be presented with the studio-site automatically. On the studio site you can also find lots of designs (lamps, wallpanels, window-panels, etc.) to give you an impression of possibillities and inspire you. Designs may be copied and used for non-commercial purposes without written permission.

On this site you can e.g. page quickly through different types of glass and enlarge them to get a better impression of the look, colour and textures. This might save you a lot of clicks and paging.

Of course you'll find a summary of the glashobby supplies, -tools and other materials to give you a first  impression.