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Tiffany, Glassfusing, Microwave fusing and Stained Glass Glasshobby store

Our phonenumber is 06 - 36 49 83 73

Accessability: Because we also have a shop, you can visit us and have a look (and buy) at the Tiffany stained glass articles and the glass that we sell after making an appointment! Our advantage is: we can more easily and more often plan wholesaler-visits without the risc that customers will encounter closed doors e.g. due to traffic-delays. Your advantage: you call when you want to pass. If you call in time, you can almost always be served as desired.

So, we do not work with fixed opening hours!
On monday we are normally closed
On other labourdays you can call after 10.00 am. to make an appointment.
On friday afternoon  appointments are not possible, because at that time we have to finish all last-minute order for the weekend.
Closed on SUNDAY.