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You can now handle your order in 5 steps (see numbering at the top). Thank you for your interest.

Once you have completed your order, it will be sent and a copy of the order will be sent to your email address. However, this is still no confirmation email, so wait with the payment untill you have received the confirmation. Our aim is to confirm your order or reservation within 24 hours.

In the confirmation email you will find the info relating to handling of the payment.
When certain items are (temporarely) not in stock, then this mail contains an indication on the expected delivery time and of course the choice to change or cancel the order.

We normally ship at the latest within 3 working days after receipt of your payment, unless items are not in stock. In that case it is possible to split the order shipment, backorder, or delay shipment untill all articles are available again. We will contact you about this where appropriate.

If you haven't received the order after 4 working days, please (preferably by email) to contact us.
Sometimes things go wrong (internet or post) outside our knowledge. We would really appreciate it if you give us a call (06-36 49 83 73) or (preferrably) e-mail us if the order confirmation is not provided.
Your report gives us a better picture if things aren't working properly and gives us the chance to offer the service you deserve.

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